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About arkaSpecs

arkaSpecs is here for you 24/7.

We provide architects and designers with one central location that they can turn to for answers to all of their important questions surrounding door specifications. We work with clients from the beginning until the end until they are 100% satisfied and the project is complete.

What Makes arkaSpecs Unique?

Our unique, comprehensive experience allows us to help you exceed your goals. We use a simple, proven process that will help you drive results:

– Get involved early in project conception
– Become a valued advisor during design development
– Coordinate security and electronic access control door hardware
– Provide door and door hardware specification section deliverables
– Third party review of previously written specifications
– Submittal review for approval

Our extensive network provides architects, distributors, and manufacturers an amazing, unprecedented link to the industry.

  • Integrated Team Approach

    Our Comprehensive Customer Process Model addresses the four functions that affect the world of Specification: Design, Supplier, Owner, and Contractor. Our approach has proven to be successful time and time again.

  • Industry Connections

    No one in the industry has a network like we do. We have active relationships with the top architecture and design firms and many of the industry leaders in every aspect of this field.

  • Unprecedented Industry Knowledge

    Our team of experts have decades of industry experience in all facets of the business. The architecture industry is constantly changing and improving, and we’re on top of it.

  • Available 24/7

    We understand that sometimes urgent questions come up at three in the morning. So if our clients aren’t sleeping, neither are we! We are available through our chat system any day or time.

Scott J. Tobias


Scott Tobias is Principal of Door + Hardware Consultants, Inc, and published author of Illustrated Guide to Door Hardware: Design, Specification, Selection. With multidisciplinary experience servicing architectural, design, owner, construction, and supplier teams, Scott provides independent door and door hardware consulting services including Division 08 door hardware specification writing. Other services include existing facility assessments, installation inspections, training, and public speaking. Scott can be reached by either email or phone at email hidden; JavaScript is required or 845-742-4827.

Scott lives in New York with his wife and three children, who they have fostered for the last two plus years with strong hopes of adoption some day soon.

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